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George Cumbest

The Cumbest family has been a notable name among the Mississippi Gulf Coast for over 200 years. Since first settling in 1799, descendants of the Cumbest family have occupied a number of public roles including, but not limited to law, banking, shipbuilding and real estate. However, George Cumbest, a vibrant humanitarian and philanthropist, would prove to merge his passion of helping people with a career path not yet explored by his predecessors.

Cumbest grew up in the small sawmill town of Wade, Mississippi. Following high school, he attended the University of Southern Mississippi, where he graduated with high honors and started his beloved career as a counselor. Although relatively young at the time, Cumbest was passionate about helping people and able to wisely assist families in navigating through domestic complications seamlessly, but this was not without trials in his own home.  Cumbest, a new graduate, husband and father, quickly learned the financial strain life could play on an adult and foresee through his clients as a counselor, the tailspin it led to if left without intervention. However, fervent in helping people, Cumbest found ways to manage and grow the small income he was receiving to maintain the career path he loved.  Not knowing it at the time, this difficult period would eventually lead Cumbest to his true purpose in life. At age 27, Cumbest, a now experienced counselor found disciplined ways to productively manage the salary he received and decided that the experience gained in simply struggling to thrive financially for his family could greatly assist others in the world.

In 1998, Cumbest took a leap of faith and started a new career path as a financial advisor. For Cumbest, it was the best of both worlds; he could merge the knowledge he learned from counseling with his financial advisory expertise. Cumbest states, “When I was young, I needed a financial advisor to help me develop a sound financial plan. A sound financial advisor can open doors for clients that are otherwise left unattended until an advisor with true concern for client well being comes along to help.  Although my primary customers are business owners and people approaching retirement from local industries, I still enjoy working with young families as they are starting out”.  After working over 15 years for large financial firms, George Cumbest, is now a senior partner and co-owner of Coastal Wealth Management Group, where he is partners with like-minded financial advisors to serve people in overcoming the apprehension associated with financial advice, decisions, and wealth management. True to his original passion, Cumbest is licensed as a series 7, 24, 63 and 65 advisor, to provide his clients with a broad spectrum of services, to ensure their best interest is diligently served.

George Cumbest’s career is a great example of resilience, diligence and willingness to look beyond oneself for the well being of others leading to finding life’s true purpose.